Member of SCNAT

SSOM promotes the technical sciences in Switzerland, notably in the fields of optics, microscopy and nanotechnology. It represents its members to the outside world, exchanges experience, fosters national and international cooperation and provides specialist knowledge.

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Mission statement

The SSOM organizes meetings and networking opportunities

  • for people of academia and industry
  • for young and established researchers
  • that are open also to non-scientists
  • in applied and fundamental research
  • in the natural and material sciences
  • technologies-independen: light, electron, x-ray, ...

A sample of past events:

  • 3D sysmposium 2012
  • 3D symposium 2009
  • International microscopy conference
  • Dreiländertagung Davos
  • 3D symposium 2016
  • Microscopy Conference 2017
  • 3D sysmposium 20121/6
  • 3D symposium 20092/6
  • International microscopy conference3/6
  • Dreiländertagung Davos4/6
  • 3D symposium 20165/6
  • Microscopy Conference 20176/6