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SSOM promotes the technical sciences in Switzerland, notably in the fields of optics, microscopy and nanotechnology. It represents its members to the outside world, exchanges experience, fosters national and international cooperation and provides specialist knowledge.

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Microscopy Section

SEM image superconductor

The microscopy section of SSOM covers the multidisciplinary field of light and electron microscopy in both life sciences and physical sciences.

Microscopy is a key element in various areas of science and technology, and represents a research topic by itself as well. Activities in the area of microscopy research are steadily needed to address the increasing demand on resolution and sensitivity when exploring the micro-, nano- and atomic length scales. The importance of advanced microscopy methods in various spatial and temporal dimensions is not only reflected by the latest achievements in nanotechnology, but also in every-day analyses that require a continuously increasing quality of microscopy results.

Networking and cooperations
There are numerous microscopy facilities of various sizes within Switzerland which as an inter-institutional entity provides a competitive repertoire of specialist microscopy techniques. Important tasks of SSOM’s microscopy section are to maintain and support a lively interaction amongst these facilities and to promote cooperation with industrial partners. For this, the microscopy section organizes workshops, schools, conferences and meetings which aim at providing basic and advanced trainings, keeping the community informed about the latest technological advances and, which offer unique possibilities for networking with microscopy experts from academia and industry.

Connection to international communities
Another important role of the microscopy section is to connect the Swiss microscopy landscape to the international microscopy communities and to selected international collaboration platforms. On a long-term horizon, the efforts of SSOM’s microscopy section shall outline a strategy for the future of the microscopy facilities in Switzerland, according to the needs of academia and industry, which shall be presented to the decision making entities.

Dr. Robin Schäublin