Biomedical Photonics

The field of Biomedical Photonics is currently booming and many new applications are envisioned. To foster this development the Biomedical Photonics Network (BMPN) as an interdisciplinary workgroup of the SSOM was founded.
Biomedical Photonics involves experimental, diagnostic and therapeutic optical methods for medicine and biology. It uses light or imaging systems to determine the normal and/or pathologic properties of cells, tissues, organs and organisms in medicine and biology.
Objectives of the Biomedical Photonics Network
Enhancement of interdisciplinary collaboration
One important basis for success is an efficient interdisciplinary collaboration between individuals of different backgrounds (medicine, biology, physics, engineering, industry) working in clinics, universities, institutes of technology and companies. Although many research groups are active in this field in Switzerland, interaction between them remains insufficient. The aim of the BMPN is to address this problem by organizing regular activities to promote the scientific exchange and create personal contacts. The BMPN will thus provide a platform to promote collaborative projects, stimulate fundamental and applied research and foster collaborations with SNF, KTI and industry.
Enhanced transfer of research to industry
Biomedical Photonics has a tremendous potential for innovation. Close collaborations with industrial partners will help to commercialise newly developed.

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